Elspeth Bakery

Mount Maunganui fine dining chef and now serious baker Nichola Jacobsen has a commitment to trying to do things better. "It's about going the extra mile and really trying to do something well," she says with a broad easy smile. "A good home cook can make a custard square, but we have taken it up a notch - we use our own pastry, our own mousseline cream (the classic French custard filling) and we don't ice it - so it's a rich and delicious treat, but also light." Her Elspeth Bakery opened mid-2018 and shares the space with Eddie's Café. Her bakery counter is teaming with people getting emotional over the flaky croissants, home-made jams, baked treats and superb French bread sticks. 

The care and attention Nichola pours into her creations is evident - which produces stunning results. From a young age her love of baking from the Edmonds cook book got her started, which led her to a career as a fine dining chef, before starting up her bakery as a lifestyle change.


Nichola’s favourite Edmonds recipe

The Mustard Sauce for Corned Beef is Nichola's favourite. "I grew up with it and still can't find anything I'd rather have with corned beef. I don't modify it at all other than to reduce the sugar slightly and add some freshly chopped parsley. If I'm allowed two favourites, my other pick would be the Edmonds Peanut Brownies, a quality classic!"


Nichola's Baking Tips

  1. Heat the oven 20-30 degrees higher than you actually want it at. After opening the door to load in your baking, the oven temperature will drop to around the temperature you actually need it at and not drop too low.
  2. Don’t throw away your butter papers! They make excellent cake tin liners and come pre-greased. Alternatively, cut them into strips to line your muffin tins - the ends of the strips make for great handles to lift out your cooked muffins.
  3. What to do with leftover croissants? “I freeze mine down to use for breakfast guests. All you need to do is thaw in the fridge overnight then refresh them in the oven at 180°C for around 8mins. Serve hot from the oven and they will be crispy and delicious.