Edmonds and Chelsea have proudly filled the mixing bowls and tummies of Kiwis for over a century. We believe that baking is so much more than what you make. Its about who you are doing it for, why you are baking it for them and bringing a smile to the face of people that we care about. We have been part of NZ communities for over a century and we are proud to support Kiwis to discover the love of baking and use it as a force for good.

chelsea bay

Edmonds Baking School  chelsea bay

Chelsea Bay is a magical place where Edmonds and Chelsea come together to offer unique experiences. It is the home of the Edmonds Baking School where we inspire children and adults alike to bring their passion and skills into the kitchen.

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Edmonds & Chelsea Baking For Better

While Edmonds and Chelsea have always made our baking better, we want to make our communities better too, by supporting those in need. In 2021 we teamed up with Hilary and The Salvation Army, to help support New Zealand’s most vulnerable Kiwis. Hilary baked up a storm and Kiwis supported the cause by donating to receive Hilary’s recipes.  Between us we raised $80,000 for this wonderful cause.