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2016 69th Edition 2016 69th Edition

This new revised edition is exactly the same but completely different. Fully rephotographed and formatted we’ve retained the core Edmonds classics even bringing a few old favourites back from previous editions. Plus we’ve also updated existing recipes to suit the way kiwis cook today and added a few which are sure to become new family favourites.

Edmonds Cookery Book 2016 - 69th Edition

2009 62nd Edition 2009 62nd Edition

New cover design.

Edmonds Cookery Book 2009 - 62nd Edition

2008 60th Edition 2008 60th Edition

Special Hardback 100 year edition 1908 - 2008.

Edmonds Cookery Book 2008 - 60th (100 year) Edition

1999 45th Edition 1999 45th Edition

New cover design but recipe content unchanged.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1999 - 45th Edition

1993 34th Edition 1993 34th Edition

New revised edition. A section on Good Nutrition is added in the introduction. A new section "International Foods" is added containing such exotic dishes as Chicken Chow Mein and Nachos. A 'Breakfasts" section is also introduced.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1993 - 34th Edition

1988 27th Edition 1988 27th Edition

A special hardback 25th Anniversary Edition. Includes a new 'microwave' baking section and the index moves to the back of the book. The 'Food for Invalids' section is removed.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1988 - 27th Edition

1982 18th Edition 1982 18th Edition

New cover design. Now contains 30 new recipes including microwave instructions for Edmonds cake mixes. The section on Cake Baking Powder is removed. Now contains 640 everyday recipes and cooking hints

Edmonds Cookery Book 1982 - 18th Edition

1980 17th Edition 1980 17th Edition

Revised Centennial Edition. New cake mix and poultry sections added. Nothing that "Poultry no longer need be reserved only for special occasions. It can now be served in a tremendous variety of tempting ways on the family menu. Some recipes are replaced so the edition remains at 630 everyday recipes and cooking hints.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1980 - 17th Edition

1978 16th Edition 1978 16th Edition

Centennial Edition. Includes conversions for gas ovens. New Egg recipe section added and some recipes replaced to remain at 630 everyday recipes and cooking hints

Edmonds Cookery Book 1978 - 16th Edition

1976 15th Edition 1976 15th Edition

Book changes to spiral bound. This edition has 16 more pages with 80 new recipes and includes all measurements in metric and imperial to align with the move in NZ to metric measurement. A new recipe section titled Convenience Foods is added. Now contains a collection of 630 everyday recipes & cooking hints.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1976 - 15th Edition

1971 11th Edition 1971 11th Edition

This special gas cooking edition uses gas mark instructions only. The recipes & cooking hints are reduced to 537.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1971 - 11th Edition

1967 8th Edition 1967 8th Edition

The New Revised edition contains recipes using Edmonds increased range of products including pasta, and an extended range of cake mixes and puddings. Notably some key recipes like Tripe are replaced.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1967 - 8th Edition

1955 1st Edition 1955 1st Edition

The first edition of the Deluxe Edmonds Cookery Book is published containing recipes with unique NZ titles or ingredients such as Toheroa Soup, Aotea Biscuits, Whitebait Fritters, Tree Tomato Jam. Contains a collection of 570 everyday recipes & cooking hints.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1955 - 1st Edition

1952 7th Edition 1952 7th Edition

Expanded to 83 pages.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1952 - 7th Edition

1935 6th Edition 1935 6th Edition

Expanded to 71 pages.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1935 - 6th Edition

1930 5th Edition 1930 5th Edition

Expanded to 61 pages including a photospread of images from the Edmonds factory.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1930 - 5th Edition

1923 4th Edition 1923 4th Edition

Includes 8 pages of coloured illustrations.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1923 - 4th Edition

1914 3rd Edition 1914 3rd Edition

Edmonds Cookery Book 1914 - 3rd Edition

1910 2nd Edition 1910 2nd Edition

This guide to light baking and dainty cooking contains no recipe images but contains some classics such as Good Plain Cake, Cocoanut Custard and Ham or Tongue Omelet.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1910 - 2nd Edition

1908 1st Edition 1908 1st Edition

The first Edmonds Cookery Book is published in thanks for the support given to Edmonds products. Housewives could receive a free copy by written request and young couples were sent a complimentary copy on announcement of their engagement. It contains 50 pages of 'economical everyday recipes and cooking hints'.

Edmonds Cookery Book 1908 - 1st Edition
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