Bespoke Kitchen Café

Tucked under the gondola at Queenstown is the 2015 Meadow Fresh Café of the Year, Bespoke Kitchen Cafe, run by the very warm and friendly Michelle Freeman. It’s brimming with luscious home cooking.


Michelle's Favourite Edmonds Recipe

“There are two," says Michelle, "the Russian Fudge recipe I have been making since I was about 9 years old. I use real vanilla essence and sea salt, plunging the pot into cold water while beating, which makes it extra creamy. My other favourite is the Anzac biscuit which I dip the end into Whittakers chocolate. I love the yearly ritual making them for Anzac Day.”

Michelle's Baking Tips:

  • Always add a little extra wet liquid to scones and muffins as this makes them light and rise well
  • Flour the scone cutter so the scones have a neat edge and rise evenly. You can replace butter with coconut oil which works well.
  • Chia seeds are amazing used as an egg replacement to thicken jams and fruit compote, as less sweetener is needed.
  • If you drop a pumpkin on its side on a concrete floor, it breaks perfectly in half. It’s then much easier to cut into pieces and grate for muffins and scones as an ingredient.
  • Add sea salt or tamari toasted seeds to raw date bliss balls and caramel slices.