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NEW Vanilla Choc Chip Cake In A Cup

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NEW Vanilla Choc Chip Cake In A Cup

We’ve created a brand new Edmond’s Cake in a Cup

Now you can have all the benefits of freshly baked cake in just one minute - without having to measure ingredients, cream butter and sugar, or wait for the batter to cook.

Simply empty the contents of a packet into a cup, add milk, stir and microwave for one minute. Voila! You even get that delicious freshly-baked smell.

Cake in a Cup comes in three tempting flavours; Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Choc Chip, and Raspberry & Coconut.

Warm, delicious cake that’s ready in just one minute… 

Oooh, this could get dangerous!


Look for the packs in the baking aisle of your local supermarket!