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Kippilaw House

Situated in picturesque Picton, Kippilaw House is run by Margaret McHugh and her husband Bill. Margaret's passion for baking is immediately evident - when you sleep with your Edmonds Cookery Book you know you are a serious cook. However, her generosity shines through as brightly as her talent. "I don't want to be buried in my coffin with my cookbooks and not share all the helpful baking tips and cooking tips I have gathered over the years. I'm a light sleeper and a compulsive baker....I can't remember not having this cookbook....I started young."


Margaret’s favourite Edmonds recipe

Cinnamon Oysters are Margaret's favourite - and she even remembers a story from the 1920s as to the origin of this great treat. Legend has it that down in the Bluff area the local women were approached to create a baked item to celebrate the glorious local Bluff oysters, and the name came from the round base of the oyster and the similar round base of the baked sponge.


Cinnamon Oyster Baking Tips from Margaret

  1. Search out op shops for the old cinnamon oyster baking trays (deep and round) you need for the recipe, and spray well with baking spray to make them easy to remove from the pans. Margaret loves to divide the eggs - beating the whites first, then gradually adding the sugar, then the yolks and the syrup etc added after that with the double sifted dry ingredients.
  2. Margaret always makes a double batch, fills them with cream and freezes. Perfect for an emergency afternoon tea option.
  3. Room temperature large eggs are important, always add the sugar one dessert spoon at a time, and beat the egg whites for longer than you would think is necessary.
  4. Always ensure the mixer bowl is super clean before you begin to whip the egg whites.
  5. Add the yolks one at a time, blend in the syrup at the end gently, and double/triple sift your dry ingredients.
  6. Invest in scales - good baking needs accurate scales.

Margaret McHugh

Margaret McHugh's Sponge Cake
Margaret McHugh's Sponge Cake