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How to make slime

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How to make slime


Elmer’s Washable White School Glue (we use 1/3 scoop or a 1/4 cup scoop, but you can alter depending on how much you want to make!)

  • Edmond's Corn Flour 
  • Food Colouring 
  • Moisturiser



  1. Measure out glue and pour into a clean bowl.
  2. Add food colouring of your choice and mix well.
  3. Slowly add in the corn flour desired and mix after every few spoonfuls. You need 3x the amount of corn flour than glue. It will slowly thicken as you continue to add the flour.  
  4. Test with your fingers. Can you pick up the blob without it being wet and sticky and gooey? If you can, then you are ready to knead your corn starch slime! If not, keep adding more corn flour!
  5. After playing around with the consistency, knead your 'dough' well. You will eventually be able to pick it up as a big blob. Some will continue to stick to the container, this is where you can add a little bit of moisturiser to soften and string it out from the bowl. A little corn starch on the fingers will help the tackiness as well.
  6. Once you have your blob, knead and pull the dough to it to stretch it out and mix it together well. Add a little bit of moisturiser as needed, so that your 'pull' should be smooth and stringy! 
  7. Enjoy!