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How to make perfect biscuits

  • Always preheat the oven and put the biscuit mixture onto cold baking trays, lined with baking paper, or lightly greased.
  • If the recipe calls for creaming the butter and sugar, and you want to use a food processor, put the eggs and sugar in first. Process until smooth, and then add the softened butter a little at a time, pulsing to mix.
  • Try to have all the biscuits the same size for even baking and space them evenly on the baking sheets.
  • Once they are cooked, allow the biscuits to cool on the trays for a minute or two, and then move them with a spatula to a wire cooling rack.
  • Store airtight to keep them crisp.
  • Don’t store biscuits in the same container as cakes or they will soften.
  • Iced biscuits should be eaten within a week, but un-iced biscuits will keep for a month in an airtight tin or jar.