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Classic Garlic Aioli 250 mL

A creamy sauce made with whole egg mayonnaise and roasted garlic that goes perfectly with hot chips, burgers or salads.  

No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.

Baking Soda 210g

Nutrition Panel

Servings per package: 12

Servings Size: 20mL

Quantity Per Serving # Quantity Per 100mL
Energy 410kJ 2030kJ
Protein <1g 1.0g
- Total 10.1g 50.7g
- Saturated 1.2g 6.1g
- Total 1.6g 7.8g
- Sugars 1.5g 7.2g
Sodium 130mg 630mg

Ingredients List:

Sunflower oil (antioxidant [320]), water, white vinegar, egg (4.5%), garlic (4.5%), sugar, salt, mustard (seeds, flour), vegetable gums (412, 415), flavour (milk).

Contains egg and milk.

About This Product:

​Top 5 easy meal ideas with Edmonds Creamy Aioli range:

  • ​Mix with herbs and lemon juice; drizzle over grilled salmon salad
  • Drizzle over roast lamb or baked potatoes for a touch of extra flavour
  • For a simple canape, top pork meatballs with aioli and a shaving of Parmesan cheese
  • On sliders, mix with coleslaw and top with pulled pork
  • For a creamy seafood stir-fry, fold through at the end of cooking

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