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Classic Seafood Sauce 250mL

​A classic, creamy sauce made with whole egg mayonnaise, tomato paste, gherkin relish and spices. The perfect accompaniment for your favourite seafood.

No Artificial Preservatives.

Baking Soda 210g

Nutrition Panel

Servings per package: 12

Servings Size: 20mL

Quantity Per Serving #Quantity Per 100mL
- Total9.5g47.4g
- Saturated1.1g5.6g
- Total2.8g14.1g
- Sugars2.7g13.7g

Ingredients List:

​Whole egg mayonnaise (78.7%) (sunflower oil [antioxidant (320)], water, sugar, whole egg [4.5%], white vinegar, salt, vegetable gum [xanthan] ), tomato paste, gherkin relish (cucumber, sugar, salt, food acid [acetic], vegetable gum [xanthan]), worcestershire sauce (water, vinegar, brown sugar, malt vinegar [wheat & barley], golden syrup, anchovies, salt, tamarind, spices [0.04%], colour [caramel III], flavour), paprika (0.5%), food acid (citric). 

Contains egg, wheat, barley & fish.

About This Product:

Top 5 easy meal ideas with Edmonds Classic Seafood and Tartare Sauces:

  • ​Drizzle Tartare sauce on grilled fish, lettuce, tomato and sprouts sliders
  • Spread Seafood sauce on wraps with cooked prawns and cos lettuce
  • Toss Seafood sauce through seafood and orzo pasta salad
  • Roughly chop up smoked mussels, stir through either Tartare or Seafood sauce, and add a good squeeze of lemon juice on sliders
  • As an accompaniment for Pork Schnitzel or Crumbed Lamb, mix Tartare sauce with finely chopped gherkin, mashed hard-boiled egg and a squeeze of lemon

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