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Classic Seafood Sauce 250mL

​A classic, creamy sauce made with whole egg mayonnaise, tomato paste, gherkin relish and spices. The perfect accompaniment for your favourite seafood.No Artificial Preservatives.


Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 12

Servings Size: 20mL

Quantity Per Serving # Quantity Per 100mL
Energy 400kJ 2010kJ
- Total 9.5g 47.4g
- Saturated 1.1g 5.6g
- Total 2.8g 14.1g
- Sugars 2.7g 13.7g
Sodium 130mg 640mg

Ingredients List:

​Whole egg mayonnaise (78.7%) (sunflower oil [antioxidant (320)], water, sugar, whole egg [4.5%], white vinegar, salt, vegetable gum [xanthan] ), tomato paste, gherkin relish (cucumber, sugar, salt, food acid [acetic], vegetable gum [xanthan]), worcestershire sauce (water, vinegar, brown sugar, malt vinegar [wheat & barley], golden syrup, anchovies, salt, tamarind, spices [0.04%], colour [caramel III], flavour), paprika (0.5%), food acid (citric). 

Contains egg, wheat, barley & fish.

Recipes Where This product is used