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Instant Dry Yeast

​Edmonds Instant Dry Yeast has been carefully grown and specially dried to maintain high fermenting power. These become active when water, heat, and flour or sugar are added. The yeast then produces carbon dioxide gas which causes bread dough to rise.

Suitable for breadmaking especially in home breadmakers, homebrewing, gingerbeer and yeast drinks.  It is naturally gluten free.

Baking Soda 210g

Nutrition Panel

Servings per package: 12

Servings Size: 8g (1 sachet)

Per Serving
Per 100g
- Total0.2g2.1g
- Saturated0.1g0.8g
- Total3.4g41.9g
- Sugars1.4g17.7g

Ingredients List:

​Natural yeast, emulsifier (491).

About This Product:

  • Replace 1½ tablespoons of Edmonds Active Yeast with 1 sachet of Edmonds Instant Dried Yeast.
  • Yeast works best at body temperature. A high temperature such as from boiling water will kill the yeast and too low a temperature (like on a cold day) will cause the yeast to work slowly.
  • Store yeast in a cool, dry place.  Open opened, reseal any remainder in the sachet by removing as much air as possible and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Yeast does lose activity once opened and should be used with 2 weeks.
  • Edmonds High Grade Flour is recommended for use in breadmaking as it has a high protein (gluten) content which gives the dough sufficient strength to give the bread good volume and texture.

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